I am a Biological Sciences major at Florida State University.

My interest in biology comes from my health problems. I have several cardiac and pulmonary abnormalities that require monitoring, but don’t slow me down. My goal in life would be to help other people affected by similar diseases. For me, the best way to help is through the laboratory environment.

These days, genetic testing is one of the most advanced tests availiable. Specficially, my career goal is to work in a hospital environment performing or assisting with genetic tests that assist with diagnosis or treatment. At FSU, I have been fortunate to take classes specifically related to genetics, including General Genetics, Cell Structure and Function, and Experimental Biology Lab working on yeast genetics. In these classes I have learned various labratory methods including transformation and PCR.

In addition to wet lab skills, I have two internships exploring computational analyses of cancer.

First, during the summer of 2014, I worked on building Galaxy workflows to analyze cancer exomes and compare mutations in them to known chemical interactions from PubChem. The process started by ingesting sequencing data from normal and tumor exomes. Then, the list of genes in which the mutations were present were compared to known gene-chemical interactions from PubChem. The chemicals found to supress mutated genes in the tumor could then be further analyzed in the lab.

Second, over the summer of 2018, I was a Google Summer of Code participant working with the Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics and Toby Hocking to expand his software tool, SegAnnDB, and make it more accessible to scientists. Some of the work I completed that summer included adding trackhub compatibility and creating a publicly accessible implementation of the software.


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Tallahassee, FL United States of America