Computer Science/IT

Despite being a Biology major, I have strong skills in CS and IT. I have worked for over 4 years at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Mag Lab for short). Additionally, I have obtained multiple certificaitons from CompTIA.

At the Mag Lab, I have had the opprotunity to work with scientists from all over the world. During my time there, I have had the opprotunity to work on projects covering Python, Fortran, FPGAs, Signal Processing, and AI.

Besides my work at the Lab, I have worked on persuing IT certification from CompTIA. I have obtained IT Fundamentals+, A+, and Network+ certifications. I am actively studying for the Security+ exam and plan to take it in the next 6-12 months.


(850) 491-0623


Tallahassee, FL United States of America